About Us



The brand name “Yu Kee” was coined by combining the patriarch’s Chinese name “You” (“友”) and “Ji” (“記”) (a word that is typically used to indicate a food business by the Chinese). Yu Kee is the Teochew transliteration of the name.

Over 30 years ago, our organization’s founder Mr Seah Boon Lock was already an ambitious fine young man with great entrepreneurial spirit. He started off with running a small duck rice food stall in the Sembawang kampong area. Mr Seah B.L used the traditional method of braised duck cooking together with special recipes in braised sauce and chili making handed down by his father(Seah Teck Yew(謝徳友)), who had been very popular in his neighborhood for selling delicious duck rice during the 1950s and 60s.

Knowing he wanted more in life and understanding that he was capable of making greater achievements, Mr Seah B.L went on to expand his business by opening up his 2nd duck rice food stall and then year after year, he increased that number, until today when approximately fourty Yu Kee Duck Rice food stalls can be found all across Singapore.

It was around a decade ago when Mr Seah B.L realized that in order to compete and stand out from the rest in this challenging modern day food industry, more choices and varieties have to be offered to our customers. In view of this, he boldly introduced four more brands of food delicacies to our already successful Yu Kee Duck Rice food menus. With the brands ‘XO Minced Pork Noodle’, ‘Shi Jia’, ‘Suka Ramai’ and 'Penang Kitchen' joining the family of Yu Kee Organization, our customers’ base has greatly increased and this gives everyone of us in Yu Kee Organization greater pride and satisfaction, as we are able to serve many more people from all walks of life in Singapore. Mr Seah B.L once said this:

“Day after day, year after year, our sincere commitment to quality, service and taste will only make people just love us more and more.”

His quote will continue to be the motivational and inspirational force that will drive this organization to higher grounds.